Foreign Business Tax Registrations in South Africa

Foreign Business Tax Registrations in South Africa
Foreign Business Tax Registrations in South Africa

For foreign businesses tax registrations in South Africa can be time consuming and confusing. For example, registering a new business for VAT can be quite complex because the onus is on the company to prove, by submitting a business plan, that their business will meet required turnover rates.

The Intergate Group provides a one stop service for foreign companies that includes:

  • A full analysis of which taxes your company should be registered for;
  • Completion of appropriate registration forms and, where required, supporting evidence;
  • Vat applications;
  • PAYE and SITE registrations.

Which Tax registrations Foreign companies may have to register for:

  • The foreign company will have to register with CIPC within 21 days of starting – you can read more on external branches and company structures here.
  • Registrations with the Receiver of Revenue:
    • As a Provisional Taxpayer;
    • As a VAT vendor (where applicable);
    • Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax on employees;
    • Standard Income Tax on Employees;
    • Registration with the Cape Metropolitan Council or District Council – Businesses employing staff pay a gross revenue or salary related levy to the CMC;
    • Registration with the Department of Labour – where staff are employed there is a mandatory contribution to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

Other potential registrations for foreign businesses

  • Where dealing in fresh foodstuffs or health matters you will be required to register with the Local Authority;
  • Applications where the company is importing goods for import duties;
  • Registration as an exporter where applicable.

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