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Intergate Immigration Service has an expert team of immigration consultants and certified Home Affairs practitioners. The team has the latest knowledge on immigration legislation and has well established researched information on expected relocation procedures and changes.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges. Incompass Financial Solutions will guide you through the exchange process. The experts will advise you on the best solutions, whether it is a lump sum of money or a staggered monthly transaction.



SA Homebuyers has been established with the aim of providing a sophisticated property buyers service. Acting as an independent property consultant, the service provides an unashamed bias towards protecting the buyers interest and assists in securing you the right property, in the right area and at the best price.



Seeking tax advice is never high up on anyone's shopping list, however the perception that tax advice is a necessary evil is not always correct. Yes it is true that tax advice helps you to comply with legislation and ensures compliance but it can also offer the opportunity to structure your affairs in the most tax advantageous fashion.



Whether it is house and home, car insurance, medical aid or commercial cover, Incompass Insurance offers a free and independent assessment on your specific insurance needs. Furthermore, Incompass Insurance is one of the biggest guest house insurance brokers in South Africa.



Opening up an appropriate bank account in South Africa often proves more difficult than you may think. We are able to provide our clients with advice on local banking, cash accounts for lump sums and Swiss banking.

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Business Visa in South Africa

A business visa in South Africa is designed for foreign applicants who wish to invest into:

  • An existing business, or
  • a new business.

It affords entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter and stay in South Africa and to run their own business. Below we look at some of the more salient highlights of the business visa and provide you with the opportunity to explore these points in more detail.

For those with a preference to speak to a human being, you can request a call back here, or contact us on any of the above numbers to discuss your requirements and the business visa option in more detail.

Background to the business visa

In June of 2014 new regulations were published by the Department of Home Affairs which saw some sweeping changes to certain permit and visa categories.

The business visa was one of these categories.

The new regulations come from a framework of both protecting opportunities for locals, whilst encouraging business people who will add value to the South African economy and community.

As such various government bodies and stakeholders had input into the new business visa criteria resulting in an increase in the minimum investment amount, waiver opportunities to decrease this and the securing of positions for South Africans within the business.

Who can apply for a business visa

A business visa in South Africa can be applied for by those seeking temporary and /or permanent residency in the Republic who wish to set up and run their own business. The business can be a start up, a purchased company or a partnership.

Please note if you are a corporate seeking to expand your operations into South Africa, a business visa is probably not the correct route. Rather you should view our information here on setting up an external company or branch.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Qualifying for a business visa can be broken down into 2 areas, the applicants themselves and their good standing and the proposed business. Below we look at the eligibility of the business.

  • Investment into the business - There is a minimum investment into the business required of ZAR 5 million. This amount can be reduced with a waiver application for certain businesses.
  • Creation of jobs - The South African business visa is designed to encourage the creation of jobs and as such the business visa holder must employ 60% of its workforce from South African labour
  • The success of the business - A thorough business plan is required that will demonstrate the business has every chance of success.
  • Appropriate company structure - Business Visa holders are required to have an appropriate legal structure in place.
  • Contribution to South Africa and good standing - When making an application for a business visa you will be required to make various registrations, these are designed to ensure compliance with tax and workers obligations that you will incur.
  • Desirable or Undesirable - A business visa application will not be successful if the proposed business is of an undesirable nature

Where to start?

  1. Before committing to the business visa route you should also review your options, this may not be the best way, although it is the most obvious one, for you to proceed.

    Please read through our article on Starting a business as a foreigner/ to review your options or contact us.

  2. Ensure you are eligible for a business visa. The application process is complex and time consuming with very specific criteria. Proceeding with an application without professional guidance may well result in wasted time, effort and money.

When to start?

Allow yourself ample time. Once the best route has been decided successful applications take time to compile properly. Various government departments are involved and structures and plans need to be formed. We recommend a period of at least 6 months prior to the date you wish to move.

Getting help?

Commencing any business is a detailed and complex process, but when establishing a business in a foreign country the process becomes all the more complex. At Intergate we understand that setting up a business in South Africa means you need to be given expert, qualified and comprehensive advice that enables you to make the right decisions.

We also understand that your business, is in business, to be successful and it requires your time and effort to make this happen.

That's why we are here you can leave the time consuming process of a business visa application to us. We make the process as smooth and hassle free as possible. We have assisted hundreds of clients since our inception in 2003 and are rightly proud of our reputation as the go-to immigration company for obtaining your business visa in South Africa.

Call us on any of the above numbers or email with your enquiry or request a call back.

Intergate Immigration
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