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Intergate Immigration Service has an expert team of immigration consultants and certified Home Affairs practitioners. The team has the latest knowledge on immigration legislation and has well established researched information on expected relocation procedures and changes.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges. Incompass Financial Solutions will guide you through the exchange process. The experts will advise you on the best solutions, whether it is a lump sum of money or a staggered monthly transaction.



SA Homebuyers has been established with the aim of providing a sophisticated property buyers service. Acting as an independent property consultant, the service provides an unashamed bias towards protecting the buyers interest and assists in securing you the right property, in the right area and at the best price.



Seeking tax advice is never high up on anyone's shopping list, however the perception that tax advice is a necessary evil is not always correct. Yes it is true that tax advice helps you to comply with legislation and ensures compliance but it can also offer the opportunity to structure your affairs in the most tax advantageous fashion.



Whether it is house and home, car insurance, medical aid or commercial cover, Incompass Insurance offers a free and independent assessment on your specific insurance needs. Furthermore, Incompass Insurance is one of the biggest guest house insurance brokers in South Africa.



Opening up an appropriate bank account in South Africa often proves more difficult than you may think. We are able to provide our clients with advice on local banking, cash accounts for lump sums and Swiss banking.

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  Life Partner Permit Info
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Endorsing a life partner permit
together for less then 5 years

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Life Partner Permits - Immigration South Africa

Life Partner Permits - Immigration South AfricaLife partner permits and / or visas are issued to foreigners who are immigrating to South Africa with a South African boyfriend or girlfriend (life partner) with whom they are in a permanent relationship.

Life partner permits and visas are not commonly known and accessing information about them can be difficult, but qualifying people should look to ensure they consider applying within the life partner permit or visa category as it can have some excellent benefits.

Below we discuss both the life partner permit for permanent residence, and the life partner visa for temporary residence. You can find more specific information on each by simply following the links or in further information.

The Life Partner Permit and Visa Options

To successfully apply for a life partner permit or visa there are a number of different criteria the applicants must meet. Perhaps the most onerous being the compiling of sufficient 'evidence' that the relationship is indeed of a permanent nature and it is one of a 'life partner' status.

Proving cohabitation is also a key element as the length of cohabitation will dictate whether you may qualify for a life partner permit (permanent residence) or a life partner visa (temporary residence).

As South Africa's leading independent immigration company, Intergate Immigration advises, compiles, submits with you and monitors the entire application on its client’s behalf. Our years of experience and enviable success rate in obtaining life partner permits and visas, means that our clients can rest assured that they are in expert hands.

Life Partner Visa- Temporary Residence

Life partners of South Africans may apply for a life partner visa under the temporary residence category. Once again there is an onus on proving the relationship is valid, of a permanent nature and in this case, that cohabitation has existed for at least 2 years.

Temporary residence visas are issued for an initial period, typically for 2 or 3 years. Applications can be made to extend this period subject to the relationship still existing.

Life Partner Permits - Permanent Residence

Life partner permits under the permanent residence category can be made if it can be proven that the relationship has been of a permanent nature for 5 years.

Prospective immigrants should be aware that even if they meet the criteria to make an application for a life partner under the permanent category, in all likelihood a temporary life partner visa will need to be applied for due to the fact home affairs is taking approximately 24 months to issue permanent residence to applicants.

Life Partner Permits - Working or Setting up a Business

For holders of life partner permits the news is excellent – you are free to work, set up a business or study with no further permissions!

For the holders of a life partner visa the news is good – whilst the life partner visa itself only allows you to enter and stay in South Africa, an endorsement can easily be obtained, allowing you to work, study or set up a business.

Endorsing your life partner visa

For work – once a suitable position has been found and offered via a contract of employment, Intergate Immigration can apply for an endorsement to the life partner visa enabling the life partner to work, This negates the need to apply for a work permit or the requirements such as proving no South African is available to take up the position.

For business – a similar endorsement can be applied for with the immigrant needing to prove that the business exists, this can be done by providing documentary proof that a suitable company structure has been set up, such as a (Pty) Ltd for example. Intergate Immigration will be pleased to assist you in this regard.

For study – once you have been excepted for a course by an appropriate learning institution, an endorsement can be applied for to enable you to legally study.

It should be noted that applications for life partner visa and endorsements can be made simultaneously.


Life partner permits and visas can be a complex area and the burden of proof on the relationship is one key element. We welcome any queries you may have and our free and no obligation consultation can be taken advantage of by using any of the below contact methods.

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If you are already in South Africa feel free to come in and see us at 199 Loop Street, Second Floor, Cape Town or Block D - Second Floor, Edenburg Terraces, 348 Rivonia Boulevard, Johannesburg and chat over a coffee.

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