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Intergate Immigration Service has an expert team of immigration consultants and certified Home Affairs practitioners. The team has the latest knowledge on immigration legislation and has well established researched information on expected relocation procedures and changes.

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Foreign Exchange

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Exceptional skills work permit for South Africa

A work permit, exceptional skills category, can be applied for by individuals who possess skills, qualifications or experience of a unique and exceptional nature. Exceptional skills work permits also require the applicant to have excelled in their professional field. When making an application for an exceptional skills permit this is the burden of proof.

Where can you apply for an exceptional skills permit?

Applications for exceptional skills work permits can be made at your local South African embassy or consulate. Currently applications can also be made within South Africa but plans are a foot for this option to be removed.

What is the exceptional skills work permit criteria?

The application would need to contain substantial proof of the exceptional skills. In addition to proving these exceptional skills, an application for an exceptional skills work permit will need to clearly demonstrate that, in exercising your exceptional skills, the field in which you would work in within South Africa would benefit. Evidence such as the below are good examples of what would be required:

  • A letter which will vouch for you and confirm your exceptional skills and / or qualifications. Ideally this should be from a suitable foreign or South African organ or state, or from an established South African academic, cultural or business body. Examples of this could be universities or professional bodies. It goes without saying: the more the better.
  • Comprehensive testimonials from previous employers again supporting and evidencing your achievements and impact on the field or industry in which you worked.
  • Evidence of any publications , thesis or other forms of delivery that further qualifies your exceptional skill area.
  • A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae/ (CV).

In addition to the evidence of your exceptional skill you will also need to supply:

  • A completed form DHA-1738 if abroad or DHA 1740 if applying in South Africa.
  • A vaccination certificate, if applicable
  • A medical report and radiological report
  • Proof of your financial means in the form of bank statements, or travellers’ cheques or similar to cover appropriate living expenses until you receive a salary
  • A police clearance from all countries in which you have lived for 12 months or longer, since 18 years of age.

Do I need to have a job offer?

In order to apply for an exceptional skills permit, you do not need to have a job offer.

How long is the permit valid for?

An exceptional skills permit is valid for 3 years. It can be extended but this would be subject to the regulations at that time.

Can I apply for permanent residency?

The holder of an exceptional skills work permit may also qualify to submit an application for permanent residency.

Can my dependants accompany me?

Applicants for an exceptional skills work permit can also apply for an accompanying spouse or partner permit. Study permits or accompanying permits can be applied for accompanying dependants.
Please note spouses and partners must apply for a permit in their own right if they wish to study, work or run a business. Dependants must have a study permit in order to enter school.

Are there any other types of work permit?

There are, in addition to an exceptional skills work permit a number of other option. You can view an introduction to all the South African work permits here.

Applying for an exceptional skills work permit

The first step in the process is to get professional opinion as to whether you qualify for an exceptional skills permit.

Intergate Immigration would be pleased to advise you as to your eligibility for this category and prepare the application for you. Please contact us on the links below:

I would like to complete the online enquiry form
I would like to request a call back
I would like to e-mail Intergate

For more web based information on exceptional skills work permits please visit our FAQ site.

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