Africa Visas and Permits

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This month we interview our operations manager of Intergate Africa Tammy Price on the topic of “Africa Visas & Permits”.

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You can read the transcript of our interview with Tammy below.

Intergate Immigration Service – Podcast May 2014 Edition

Hi I am Claus Lauter from Intergate Immigration, and as always thanks for joining me on our monthly podcast.

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Tammy Price, Africa Operations Manager at Intergate Immigration. Welcome Tammy and thanks for joining us.

Hello Claus thank you for having me.

So Tammy you look after the Africa side of things at Intergate?

Yes that’s right Claus, currently we provide permit and visa service to 8 African countries and the demand for additions to this keeps growing.

Intergate are renowned for South African immigration what caused the expansion into African permits and visas?

Africa is something we are very passionate about and an area we have been considering for a couple years. We deal with a great many international companies at Intergate and this is something they have been keen for us to offer but we wanted to ensure we did it right.

So how did you approach it, I imagine some of Africa has some unique challenges?
Yes Claus, it can be a challenge but much the same as any where else its about proper planning and execution, What is important with Africa is to make sure you have professional people, in situ, in the country of destination. We went through a very vigorous search and interview process to ensure we got the right representation in each of the countries we offer.

So did you travel to the countries
Yes we did. In fact much of last year was spent travelling through Africa, getting to understand the countries, the processes and of course completing our interview process for representatives.

That must have been fascinating Tammy, which countries did you go to?

Ghana, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, The DRC, Namibia, Uganda. Nigeria and a few others.

Any favourites?
I can honestly say I enjoyed them all. What was amazing was just how welcoming all the people were and of course there are some amazing sights and sounds.

So how does the service work Tammy?

To some extend it depends on the visa or permit that is being applied for and of course each country is different in terms of its requirements. It all starts with ensuring eligibility, making sure the client understands the process and the costs involved.

If all the boxes are ticked and we proceed with the application, we then collate all the requited documents and applications from our head office here in Cape Town. Should we need to submit the application in the destination country that’s where our representatives come into play.

So hows business been?

The response has been superb and we have been kept busy. We have done applications in all the countries now and in some as many as 30 at a time. The feedback from our clients has been great, our appointed representatives have been extremely professional and thorough and we are looking forward to continuing to do a lot more.

It can normally take a while to get busy with a new offering, why do you think its took off so quick?

There is a few reasons Claus but the 3 main ones are:

1. People and companies know Intergate and our 8 year track record. Knowing how we deal with their South African immigration needs means they are more than happy to use our services in other areas.
2. ISO – we are the only ISO certified immigration company in South Africa. Having this international independent certification gives our clients the reassurance of tried and trusted processes, a customer focus and the knowledge that ongoing auditing means we don’t just maintain our standards but improve them.
3. Our knowledge – other companies of course offer permit and visa services but they have never been to the country in question, first hand knowledge is imperative and gives is distinct advantage when it comes to advice, processing and our representatives.

Tammy just remind us what countries you can help with?

Ghana, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, The DRC, Namibia, Uganda. Nigeria and a few others.

And can you help with all types of permits and visas?

Yes we can Claus, whatever the permit need, whether for individuals or companies, short stay, long stay or immigration we are happy to assist.

Tammy once again thanks for your time and I look forward ton speaking to you again in the near future.

Your welcome Claus, I would just like to say a big thank you to all your listeners.

Well that’s all from me for this month and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about permits and visas to Africa. Just to remind you to visit www.intergate-hyphen-africa. Com for more information and to day I hope you join us next month when we will talk through some of the options life partner and spousal permit holders may have.

Until then this is good bye from Claus.