Apply for work permits online in South Africa


Apply for work permits online in South Africa
Apply for work permits online in South Africa

I can’t find a website where I can apply online for work permit for South Africa?

Even finding the correct work permit application forms online is hard?

There is so much conflicting information on work permits!

We all know that immigration to another country can be fraught with challenges and finding the right information and help can be extremely hard. You might even have heard horror stories about work permit applications that went all wrong or be reading about South African work permits online that tell you two different stories.

But you may also have heard from friends, family or colleagues about a work permit application that went right.

No hassles, correct information, value for money and a personalised service! So what did they do right that many others do wrong?

What’s the perfect way to make a successful work permit application?

That’s the question Intergate have been asking itself since 2005. During this time we have successfully processed thousands of work permit applications and received some superb feedback.

It’s these very clients that we continually learn from and you might be surprised to know that it’s the very basic things that count most.

Apply for work permits online in South Africa

Our story

At Intergate we know that to maintain and enhance our reputation we need to keep on improving and offering our clients more and more.

We have invested in our team, our systems and constantly review how we offer our work permit service with only one aim – to make the process as hassle free for you, our client, as we can.

We quickly realised that people searching for South African work permits online are looking for straightforward answers not confusing legal talk. They want to know if they qualify for a work permit, what the application process entails, what are the costs and be given support throughout the application process and settling in period.

First we made sure that those researching a “South African work permit application” online could access plenty of information!

When we created our websites we did so in plain language, ensuring the information was understandable. Those seeking work permits in South Africa come from all over the world so we also made it available in 7 languages. We constantly review the information for accuracy and have also provided a FAQ section, a newsletter and various social media forums.

We understand people want answers now – not in a few days time

Potential work permit applicants can contact us at no cost and immediately, with our instant call back feature or request a call back.

We know you don’t like call centres, speaking to different people and being put on hold

The very reason we ‘internet research’ things like applying for a work permit in South Africa online, is that we think it will be easier, The information however can be confusing. Immigration to South Africa is complex, which is why in most cases you will have to speak to a professional.

We were the first immigration company to put in place dedicated Client Managers. You will have instant access to your Client Manager who will guide you through the work permit options, discuss your concerns and provide you with valuable tips and hints – all at no cost or obligation. We treat you like a client from your initial enquiry not just when you’ve parted with money.

There is nothing worse than buyers remorse!

We have all been there, committed to a product or service and then suffered disappointment and regret. All too often the sales pitch is better than the service. We were and remain determined that our clients will not suffer this.

  • We put in place dedicated administrators to assist with compiling your application, the submission and the monitoring of – through to its conclusion.
  • We hand built with our internal IT department a Client Management system that ensures you are always up to date with the process – no need to contact us we contact you.
  • We provide a free relocation guide to all our clients.
  • We provide a fixed price service with no hidden extra’s.
  • If on the odd occasion one of our 40 plus team is not available they will call you back – promptly!

We know that the work permit application is just part of a successful move!

Of course you will have many questions when immigrating to a new country, it’s only natural. Things like banking, tax, transferring money and finding somewhere to live is just as important.

Our relocation guide is a good starting point but having access to our knowledgeable staff who can help you with all these things really does increase your chances of a successful move.

Try us out and decide for yourself!

So you need information on work permits, you now know you can’t apply online, so why not give us the opportunity to impress.

Call our team on any of the above numbers, e-mail us or try our instant chat, or if you prefer take our free one minute online work permit eligibility test here.