Climate change – South Africa displaying commitment

Following on from the Durban based climate change conference South Africa is further demonstrating it’s commitment to playing its part by announcing a levy on used tyres. The production and import of new tyres in South Africa will be subject to a R2,30 a kilogram levy to be used for collection and recycling.

The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (Redisa). “The income generated from a rand-per-kilo levy charged to tyre manufacturers and importers will be used to help stimulate start-up businesses around the collection, transportation, storage and recycling of the waste,” Redisa said. “It will also be used for research and development, training, monitoring and overall community upliftment.”
The plan is aimed at supporting the creation of a sustainable recycling industry to deal with a major and problematic waste product, whilst creating jobs and fostering small and medium sized businesses in communities throughout the country.
The South African tyre industry produces more than 10 million scrap tyres a year. According to Redisa, it is estimated that between 60 and 100 million scrap tyres are stockpiled in South Africa.
Cape Town is to get the first climate change observatory in the world by 2014, according to a report on Friday. The observatory would present complex information about global climate change in a relevant, accessible and understandable manner, the SABC reported.
It would be built on a jetty at the V&A Waterfront by the International Polar Foundation. The

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