Critical Skills: Corporate Managers South Africa

Critical Skills category: Corporate Manager
Critical Skills category: Corporate Manager

Critical Skills category profile: Corporate Manager

Working in South Africa means being part of something bigger than just a company or industry. It means playing a vital role in building the future of the country.

On 2 June 2014 in a statement to the media, Home Affairs Director General Mkuseli Apleni said; “We need people who will be able to come to our country in order to improve our economy.”
“To do that, we need to bring up permits which will allow people to easily come to the country.”

The skills shortages among managers is around 216 200. The Critical skills list was well researched and then released to address skills shortages that were classified as scarce by the South African department of labor.

This list specifies which professions and trades will qualify for work permits regardless of securing an employment offer.

Corporate Manager appears on the Critical Skills list and can be defined as follows:

  • A Corporate Manager determines and formulates policies and provides overall direction of companies or private and public sector organizations within guidelines set up by a board of directors or similar governing body.
  • A Corporate Manager plans, directs, or coordinates operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of subordinate executives and staff managers.
  • Corporate managers should have the authority and responsibility to make operational decisions and interlocking functions of formulating corporate policy.

Because of obvious synergies in Business, Economics and Corporate studies the following positions may also be classified as ‘Corporate manager’

  • Actuaries and Risk Assessors
  • Corporate General Manager
  • External Auditor
  • Financial investment advisor
  • Managing directors

What are the requirements for applying for Critical Skills Visa in the category of Corporate Manager?

  • Confirmation in writing from the accredited professional body, council or board recognized by the SAQA or any relevant government Department confirming the skills or qualification experience.
  • Proof of application or certificate of registration with the accredited professional body, council or board recognized by SAQA.
  • Proof of evaluation of the foreign qualification by SAQA translated by a sworn translator into one of the official languages of the Republic.
  • Proof of employment within 12 months after obtaining Critical Skills work Visa in a form of an employment contract specifying the occupation and capacity in which the foreigner shall be employed.

What are some of the highlights of holding a Critical Skills Visa?

  • There is no limit as to how many Visas may be issued per position in this category
  • It Can be a pathway to permanent residency as well an immediate a 5 year working Visa.
  • As a Visa holder you are free to move between employers, you are not obligated to work for one specific employer for the duration of your Visa.
  • A spouse and dependent children of a holder of a Critical Skills Work Visa shall be issued with an appropriate Visa valid for a period that coincides with the period of applicant’s Critical Skills Work Visa.
  • It allows you to enter and stay in South Africa for 12 months to secure a job within the relevant category.

Passion and purpose in short-doing what you love-can be difficult to find. Some people search forever. Other people find their job satisfaction working in a different country.

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