Department Of Home Affairs proposes new Immigration Regulations

The discussions concerning the proposed new immigration and visa regulations continues to rumble on, with the Minister last week suggesting that applications from ‘the faceless’ can no longer continue. Should this regulation come into effect it will mean submissions by the appointed representative will no longer be allowed and applications will have to be submitted (for temporary permits) by the applicant.

Additionally the proposals include that all new applications for temporary residency will have to be made in the source country (not be permitted to be made here in South Africa).

Whilst these proposed amendments to the Immigration Act have yet to be passed, it looks increasingly likely they will be signed into law very soon.

Over the last few months we have become acutely aware of these legal changes and began to act accordingly to support all our clients as best we can. As a consequence we have been dealing with with selected South African embassies around the world for submissions, and have had applications granted and accepted without major problems, to our clients delight.

If you are considering a move to South Africa, and you plan to do this within the next couple of months, it is vital that you make contact with us now so we can outline how these changes will impact upon your proposed move.

If you plan make the move later in the year it is also important that we open dialogue with you so we can factor the proposed changes into your plans.

For emigrants based in the United Kingdom, we are once again able to invite them to free one to one consultations, running in London from the 23rd May 2011. If you are interested in attending a session please drop us an email and we can forward the schedule of available dates and times.

Changes to immigration regulations are inevitable and as a company we are here to help and make sure that your intended immigration, can still happen and as smoothly as possible.

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