Directive 43 – Not everything you read ….

Directive 43 - South Africa
Directive 43 – South Africa

A good example of advocating caution is some of the recent announcements regarding Directive 43.

Directive 43, to remind you, came from a back drop of the DHA not keeping to its published 30 days turn around times. It permitted those with pending applications to travel in and out of South Africa whilst awaiting their permit decision.

This was withdrawn with no notice by the DHA.

Some recent website posts have stated that this withdrawal has now been overturned, it has not. We have spoken and confirmed with the Immigration/Protocol offices in both OR Tambo and Cape Town and it’s confirmed the Directive is still revoked.

The only allowance made was for applicants who had left South Africa before the withdrawal to return to South Africa to await their permit application outcome. This was a 2 month period closing at the end of April and by no means was an allowance for all to use the Directive 43 again.

If you are waiting for a permit decision our advice remains do not leave South Africa until you have the outcome.