Doing Business in Africa Campaign

Doing Business in Africa
Doing Business in Africa

US acting secretary of commerce Rebecca Blank on Wednesday launched the Doing Business in Africa campaign, which aims to help American businesses identify and seize opportunities that will further the country’s commercial, trade and investment relationship with the continent.

Blank is currently visiting South Africa to advance elements of US President Barack Obama’s “Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa”, launched in June.

“Overall, the campaign is about finding new ways to form stronger partnerships for prosperity,” Blank said at Wednesday’s launch in Johannesburg.

Blank, who has been acting secretary of commerce since June, said that the campaign covers the entire sub-Saharan region. “We expect to be working in many countries as we possibly can on this. There are no exclusions at all,” she said.

She said US agencies would work to encourage US companies and African diaspora owned businesses to trade with and invest in Africa through expanded trade promotion programmes tailored towards Africa.


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