Explaining Visa Application Requirements of South Africa

south africa visa application requirementsSouth African visa requirements have been known to leave visa applicants scratching their heads. They wonder why some requirements are considered a necessity or where requirements fit into the application process.

Some of the requirements are consistent across many of the visas and below we take you through some of these:

Financial requirements

Foreign nationals applying for a relatives, life partner or retirement visa must meet financial requirements. Relatives or life partners must show that R8 500 per person per month is available for living expenses. For the retirement visa the amount is R37 000 per month.

Home Affairs’ reasoning is simple. They want to see that immigrants can support themselves during their time in South Africa.

Someone in the country on a relatives visa, for instance, is not allowed to work while in South Africa. As for the retirement visa, it is extended on the basis that the applicant is not looking to work or own a business. That means, not earning an income.

The life partner visa is a little different. Here the foreign national may work, but must first get an endorsement. It’s not guaranteed that they’ll get it, so an income is not a given.

If a foreign national enter South Africa without money, they could end up costing the country and its tax payers money.

SAQA confirmation of qualifications

SAQA can be found under the visa application requirements for work visas to South Africa. The full name for this organisation is the South African Qualifications Authority. Their job is to evaluate all foreign qualifications and covert them to a South African education equivalent.

SAQA’s conversion tells the Department of Home Affairs whether the applicant is qualified for the job they are applying for. Any employer would want to have this reassurance, regardless of the residency status of an applicant. An unqualified person won’t be able to do the job in question. This is neither effective nor desirable.

Police clearance

A police clearance certificate is required for visa applications. It’s a certificate for every country in which the applicant has resided for 12 months or longer since the age of 18.

The Department of Home Affairs ask for this to help them decide whether an applicant is desirable. No country in the world would want to accept a someone who has been convicted of a serious crime. Unfortunately a criminal record makes a negative statement about an applicant’s character.

Medical and radiology reports

The Department of Home Affairs wants foreign applicants immigrating here to be healthy. That’s why they ask for medical and radiology reports. A person in good health is less likely to cost the state money than a sickly person dependent on state medical care.

Any other questions on visa application requirements for South Africa?

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