FAQs: Business Visa for South Africa

business visa for south africa The business visa for South Africa is one of the more popular choices for immigration to South Africa.

Today we wanted to share some of the most frequently asked questions on this visa category.

When should I apply for a business visa for South Africa?

If you are a foreigner who intend to:

  • Own all or part of a business; or
  • Establish a business; and/or
  • Be involved in the operations of a business,

you should apply for a South African business visa. This would be the most appropriate visa for the intented purpose of your immigration to South Africa.

Many countries expect immigrants to invest a certain amount when starting a business. Is this true for South Africa too?

Yes, it is. You have to have a minimum of R5 million in cash available to invest in your new business venture. Further to this, the investment must be made in the first 2 years of owning and/or running the business.

Are there any other requirements I should be aware of?

South African immigration legislation stipulates that 60% of the staff involved in the operations of your business must be South African citizens or permanent residents.

Just like any other government in the world, the South African government sets this requirement in an effort to first and foremost give South Africans opportunities for employment in their home country.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) also demand:

  • A business plan, handed in as part of your application for a business visa for South Africa.
  • That the company is in a recognised business structure.
  • That you do all the appropriate company and tax registrations.
  • That the business is in the interest of South Africa. The DHA want businesses that will attract investment, create employment or bring a much needed product or service to South Africa. If your business can combine two of those or do all three, even better!

If I find a business to buy, can I do it immediately and then apply for the visa?

Whatever you intend on doing in South Africa, you must have the visa before you can legally undertake any activity. So it’s definitely advisable to apply for the visa first and to wait for the outcome.

My business partner will be a South African. Do I still need a visa?

Yes, you do. As with the question above, you must have a visa before you can legally undertake any activity in South Africa.

How long is the South African business visa valid for?

The DHA issue temporary business visas for 3 years. Once your visa has been approved, you can apply for a permit which will grant you permanent residency, provided your application is successful.

Can I bring my partner (spouse or life partner) and children with me to South Africa?

Yes, you may but they will also have to apply for the appropriate visas.

Can my spouse or life partner work in the business for me?

Your spouse or life partner would need an endorsement on their spousal or life partner visa to undertake any work when it is done for payment.

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