Financial Independence: Your Alternative to a Work Visa when Emigrating to South Africa

emigrating to south africaIn a recent post, we gave you tips on how to find jobs and apply for them in South Africa. We’ve also taken a closer look at the critical skills list and given answers to the most common questions around South African work visas. Why did we do this? Because emigrating to South Africa for work is not always straightforward.

First, you have to choose the most appropriate work visa. Are you coming to South Africa as a skilled worker or not? Is it a company transfer or a big corporate project?

Then you have to check that you meet all the requirements. For example, do you need a job before applying for the visa? Do you have to apply for the visa from your home country? Do you need previous work experience?

The list of questions is endless. For many people, it becomes too much. Unfortunately they decide to give up on their dream of emigrating to South Africa.

You don’t have to – because today we’ll tell you how you can work in South Africa on a different visa that causes much less headaches.

The financially independent visa

If you haven’t heard of it yet, let us be the first to tell you about the financially independent visa. This visa opens up a pathway to South Africa to anyone who has a net worth of R12 million. This is the main criteria and, aside from standard documentation such as a medical report, the only criteria.

The great thing about this visa if you get it? You are immediately granted permanent residency. This means you are free to work in South Africa in any job you want. Not only that, but you’ll be treated as a South African when applying for jobs.

That’s right – no additional requirements or obligations to get that job you’ve set your sights on.

Proving your net worth

There are no complicated requirements for proving your net worth either. You just have to have the R12 million required for emigrating to South Africa available in capital.

Extra legislation by many other countries around the world is that you invest this money in the country. Some countries stipulate an investment in property, while others tie it to a business investment.

Not South Africa. You can keep the R12 million required for your financially independent visa in any jurisdiction of your choice. The money doesn’t have to be invested in South Africa or brought into the country.

Do you have R12 million in capital? Then make emigrating to South Africa easier on yourself!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t apply for a financially independent visa to South Africa if you are able to prove a net worth R12 million. You’ll be able to apply for any job without having to jump through hoops.

Let Intergate help you make this scenario a reality. Any of our immigration consultants will be able to help you complete an application for a financially independent visa. They’re available on either +27 (0) 21 242 2460 or +27 (0) 11 234 4275 whenever you’re ready to start the process of emigrating to South Africa.