Government’s Big Plans for Foreigners Who Want to Study in South Africa

study in south africa Minister Malusi Gigaba, Minister of Home Affairs, recently addressed students at the International Students Dialogue on International Migration. The Minister made clear government’s aspirations for foreigners who want to study in South Africa.

South Africa value international students

The Minister set the scene by saying South Africa value international students and their contributions to the country. In particular, how international students connect South Africa with the rest of Africa and the world.

Government want to attract even more international students. “Our aim is to develop immigration policies and practices, in respect of international students, which are beneficial to you, beneficial to your home countries, and beneficial to South Africa”, said Minister Gigaba to delegates.

The Minister elaborated further, saying, “We want international students to have a simple, easy and efficient experience in obtaining visas to study in South Africa.”

But government aren’t only interested in international students during their studies, it seems. Minister Gigaba expressed government’s intention to make it easier for students to stay in South Africa after completing their studies too.

“We want to make it easy and straightforward for those students who are interested in staying in South Africa after graduating to do so”, the Minister said. “We are developing proposals in this regard which we will announce soon.”

The reasoning behind this sentiment is that South Africa, like any other country in the world, cannot produce all the skills it need. Qualified international students not only provide skills needed, but are able to transition into their chosen fields seamlessly, as their qualifications have been obtained in South Africa.

Government “excited” about opportunity to get first-hand feedback

Minister Gigaba ended his address by asking delegates to share their views, concerns, criticisms and aspirations. The Minister specifically asked for feedback on students’ biggest challenges and where they see the biggest opportunities for improvement.

The Minister was, in his own words, “excited for this opportunity to hear about [their] experiences and preferences”. The feedback will help shape future visa offerings.

Do you want to study in South Africa?

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