Happy Clients at Intergate Immigration

Welcome to South Africa
Welcome to South Africa

We think that the best way to let you know about our services is to let our clients speak. Today we got the following messages from happy clients:

Dear Chloe,

this is very good news! During this time, I have appreciated not only the professional skills of the Intergate staff, but also their availability to meet the customer to discuss the process at regular intervals – in fact, whenever I required so. This helps a lot, for it makes sure not only that the process is transparent, but also that the customer stays serene and motivated whenever there are little, inevitable setbacks or delays. So thanks a lot for all your kind assistance and good and thorough advise!

Regards, Andrea


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Finally!

Wow, what a saga this has been, but I’m so happy that it ended positively. Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the last few years. There have been many times when Chris and I were at our wits and, and we appreciate your help, support and patience during those times.

Thanks again!

Cheers, Julia


Wow! I didn’t realise they were in route to your office. I’ll stop by in the next 45 minutes if that will be okay.
Thanks very much for the news and for sharing in the excitement. We are so impressed with Chloe, and Intergate, and—dare I say it—government too!



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Have a great day… Claus

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