Here’s why you should consider a retirement visa if you visit South Africa often

visit south africaWhy do you visit South Africa and holiday here? Surely it’s to swim in our oceans, bask in the sun, drive through the winelands and see the Big 5 with your own eyes?

We know it’s definitely not to spend time on paperwork, stand in Home Affairs queues and worry about looming visa expiry dates.

But if you’re still renewing your visitor’s visa with each visit to South Africa, and adding stress to your holiday, why are you doing this yourself?

There is a much better way to visit South Africa if you do it often – and it’s with a South African retirement visa.

Here’s why:

You apply for a retirement visa once and get residency for up to 4 years

Instead of going through visa applications and renewals each time you visit South Africa, you’ll apply for a retirement visa once and, if granted, you’ll have temporary residency for up to four years.

This means:

  • Entering and leaving South Africa is not fraught with admin and paperwork.
  • You only have to worry about another visa renewal in four years.

It gets even better when you apply for permanent residency

There is no reason why you shouldn’t apply for permanent residency if you can meet the requirements.

Once you are a permanent resident, you only have to enter South Africa once every three years to retain your status. Manage to do that and you’ll never have to apply for, or renew, another visa.

The requirements of the retirement visa

There are a number of criteria to meet for the retirement visa, but the main requirement is that you can support yourself financially for the duration of your visa.

This is because the retirement visa is issued on the understanding that the applicant will be treated like a retiree, i.e. the person will not work, study or start a business in South Africa.

For temporary residency:

You must be able to demonstrate that you have R37 000 per month available. If your spouse or life partner would like to join you, an additional R3000 per month must be showed.

This sum can be in the form of cash or cash equivalents, or cash income generated by capital assets. The proof of funds can be either of these or a combination of both.

It’s important to note that although these particulars have been specified, some embassies around the world work according to their own rules. You’re welcome to speak to one of our consultants to see what the norm is at your embassy.

For permanent residency:

You’ll have to prove a life-long guaranteed income of R37 000 a month. In this case, it can only be pension or rental income.

Convinced? Then come see us on your next visit to South Africa

You can’t change from a visitor’s visa to another visa in South Africa, but you can come and see us to discuss all the requirements.

Should you qualify, and should you be happy with pursuing a retirement visa, we can start preparing your application.

Once you’re back home, you can submit the application as soon as you’re ready and then it might very well be the last visa application you have to make in a long time.