I’m a Permanent Resident in South Africa – What now?

I'm a permanent resident in SA- what now?

Are you a permanent resident in South Africa? Are you aware that there are conditions to your permanent residency status? Do you know what action you’d need to take to maintain your permanent residency status? For those of you who are unsure, please read on!

Can you lose your PR status?

The simple answer is yes.

It is important to note that although PR is an indefinite status, you can still lose it. It is therefore critical that you read the fine print on your PR certificate.

Are there conditions for all permanent residents?

There is one blanket condition.

If you are out of South Africa for three consecutive years, you will lose your status. This is applicable to ALL permanent residents in SA.

In other words, you’d need to visit South Africa at least once every three years to maintain your residency. This is particularly important if you live and work in multiple destinations.

There is no specified time, however, that you need to spend in the country in order to maintain your PR status.

Categories of residency that do not have additional conditions

You may recall that when you applied for permanent residency, it was under a specific category. Each of these categories has its own set of criteria. Based on the category of residency, there may or may not be additional conditions that you have to meet.

Below are the categories that do not have additional conditions:

  • Retired
  • Financially Independent
  • Critical Skills
  • Work (5 continuous years)

Categories of residency that do have other conditions

Please pay particular attention to the categories listed below, because visas granted under these categories require further action.

Spousal category:

Two years from the date of issuance, you and your spouse must demonstrate that the marriage still exists. You’d need to present yourself to the Department of Home Affairs for an interview.

Life Partner category:

Two years from the date of issuance, you and your life partner must  demonstrate that the life partnership still exists. Both parties would need to present themselves to the Department of Home Affairs for an interview.

Accompanying Minor category:

Minor children are able to apply for permanent residency on the basis of their parent who is the main applicant.

Once the child turns 21, he or she must confirm within two years that he or she would like to uphold their PR status in South Africa by presenting themselves to the Department of Home Affairs.

Business category:

The main criteria for the business category is the R5 million that you have to invest in the business within 24 months of operation.

Upon receipt of your PR, a chartered accountant certificate needs to be submitted proving the investment. This has to be done at the two year mark. It has to be done again at the five year mark.

The certificate must be submitted to permitcompliance@dha.gov.za

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