Immigration South Africa – all the permits and visa options

Immigration South Africa
Immigration South Africa

So you are considering immigration to South Africa or maybe have already made up your mind. Either way, the most important decision you are likely to make is how you are going to secure the appropriate permit or visa that allows your immigration to South Africa to take place.

There are two major decisions you need to make in this regards:

1. What is the correct permit or visa that you would be eligible for
2. What application process you feel most comfortable withBelow we discuss some of the factors that should influence your decision making process.

What permit or visa for immigration to South Africa

At the risk of stating the obvious it is essential that the correct visa or permit is applied for. Firstly  you not be allowed to enter and stay in South Africa if your application for immigration to South Africa is turned down. Secondly it could have an effect on any subsequent application you may make.

Importantly you should note that immigration to South Africa is not a precise science. Other countries have adopted points based systems, that could be described as more precise, in the sense you are given a total score based on factual evidence, South Africa has not.

On the contrary, the whole process of immigration to South Africa can in the main be described a subjective, with many grey areas that cause constant confusion.

There is little in the way of on-line guidance from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and much of any other content offers little more than arbitrary insight. Some permits or visas are of course much easier when ascertaining eligibility for immigration, such as a spousal permit, others much harder, for example a business permit.

There are a number of options open to you in terms of the permit or visa selection. Some of these provide a pathway to permanent immigration to South Africa, whilst others are just temporary.

Broadly speaking the visa and permit options for immigration to South Africa can be divided into the following categories:

You can get more information on these by simply clicking on the most appropriate permit type.

What application process you should choose for your immigration to South Africa

  • Contact the nearest South African embassy or consulate – is always advisable to ring first and you may also be prudent in obtaining a second opinion.
  • Self research and make an application – as per our comments above, this is neither easy nor advised  as it can have profound implications.
  • Seek the services of an attorney or immigration practitioner – if engaging professional help for your immigration to South Africa this is the most appropriate route. Always ensure they have registered immigration practitioners and / or South African attorneys working directly for the company you contact.


Immigration to South Africa can be frustrating, it can be confusing, but of course very rewarding. Before embarking on the process accept there may be grey areas that need clarification and accept that DHA time frames may well not be adhered to.

Plan well in advance, choose any help wisely and your immigration to South Africa will go as smoothly as possibly.

Immigration South Africa

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