Immigration South Africa Podcast February 2013

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This month we explain permits for relatives of South Africans.

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Intergate Immigration Service – Podcast February 2013 Edition

Relatives Permits for South Africa

Hi I am Claus Lauter from Intergate Immigration, and as always thanks for joining me on our monthly podcast. I hope you all had a great festive season and take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2013.

Many thanks for all your positive feedback on the podcasts and our intention is to continue them through out the year. If there is a subject you would like covered please feel free to e-mail on – we welcome your suggestion.

Part of the feedback we received was apparently I sound like a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger – I eagerly await the call from Hollywood for being a voice double (if there is such a thing).

Anyway on with the podcast and as promised this month I am going to tell you about relatives permits and how you can join family that are living in South Africa.

Lets begin with looking at what types of permits are available and who can apply.

For those who are looking to immigrate to South Africa on a temporary basis, a temporary residency permit can be applied for. This is normally issued for a 2 year period of time.

This temporary relatives permit is a type of sponsored permit, with either a South African citizen or permanent resident playing the role of the sponsor.

Applications can be made by first and second kin – what this means is by applicants who are related to a South African citizen or permanent resident holder by either a parental / child relationship or that of grandparent or grandchild.

It should be noted that being granted temporary residency, as a relative, gives no entitlement for the holder to work, study or run a business – simply put the applicant is allowed to enter and stay in South Africa but that is it.

As part of the application for temporary residency proof must be shown, by means of salary advise or a bank statement that the sponsoring citizen or permanent resident has R5000.00 per month per person, which amounts shall not apply in the case of a spouse or minor of a citizen or permanent resident.

For those seeking a permanent move to South Africa, permanent residency can also be applied for. In this case applications are restricted to those family members connected by first kin – either the child or the parent of a South African citizen or permanent residency holder.

Once again, the sponsor in these circumstances would need to be able to demonstrate the ability and intention to financially support the applicant.
Where applicants successfully apply for permanent residency, they are permitted to work in the same way as all permanent residents.

For those who do qualify for permanent residency they should note that applications for permanent residency can take significantly longer to obtain than temporary residence permits. This is true of South African relative permits, which can take more than two years to process.

As a result, a common practice is to enter the country through a grant of temporary residency whilst also applying for permanent resident status in South Africa. This allows for applicants to enter the country more quickly whilst the long-term permit is processed.

In both cases (temporary and permanent applications) Applicants migrating to South Africa via the relatives category may not bring their partner, spouse or dependants with them on the application. For immediate family members of the applicant to join them in South Africa it would be necessary for them to apply and qualify in their own right

So in summary prospective applicants can apply for permanent residency if they are related to citizen or permanent residency holder by first kin, for those related by second kin only temporary residency is available.

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As always a big thank you to the regular followers of our podcasts, we thank you for joining us again this month. For those newcomers welcome and we hope to see you become a regular.

We look forward to seeing you online and at our next podcast when we are going to talk about business permits.

So until next time “Hasta la vista, baby”