Choose Intergate Africa for African work and business visas

intergate africaDid you know that Intergate Africa, part of the Intergate Group, assists South Africans and South African employers with visas for the rest of Africa?

Our team has established ties in many countries across the continent. This enables us to apply for visas and permits quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how we can help you

Intergate Africa was born from a coming together of expertise and a passion for making the business of doing business in Africa smoother, more efficient and cost-effective.

To deliver on these goals, we always start by completing a comprehensive fact-finding consultation to understand:

  • What you need to achieve;
  • By when you need to achieve it.

With this information in hand, our team can determine the most cost-effective solutions for your needs. These solutions are then compiled in a formal proposal, which also includes time frames and advice on structures.

What makes our African visa solution unique?

Intergate Africa is the preferred supplier of visa services for a number of the leading companies in fields as diverse as oil and gas, telecommunications and renewable energy.

The reason these companies turn to us can be summarized in four points:

  • Intergate Africa has a comprehensive, tried-and-tested professional partner network throughout Africa.
  • Our in-house team knows Africa. The team has traveled throughout Africa and dealt with the various requirements first-hand.
  • We believe in transparency and providing you with answers – not more questions.
  • Our team understands the pressures of business and the speed with which you or your team need to be on the ground.

The countries our team deal with

At the moment, Intergate Africa can assist you with visas and permit for nine African countries.

These include the three big ones:

  • Namibia: Short-term and Long-term work visas as well as business visas.
  • Botswana: Emergency Labour Exemption (ELE), Long Term Work and Residence Permit, and business visas.
  • Zambia: Temporary Employment Permit and Employment Permit (for anyone who wants to take up employment for longer than 6 months.)

The rest of the list is made up of:

  • Ghana: Entry Business Visa, Work Permits, and Residence Permit.
  • Uganda: All 9 classes of work visas.
  • Nigeria: Temporary Work Permit, Subject to Regularisation (STR) Visa, and Long-term Work Permit.
  • Mauritius: Short-term Work Permit, Long-term Work Permit, and Business Visas.
  • Senegal: Local-hire Work Permit and Assignment Work Permit.
  • Cameroon: Skilled Professionals Work Permit.

Get in touch

Whether you are looking at a new venture, seeking a more cost-effective way to existing operations, or are simply fed up with your existing processes, give us a call or email us:

  • Telephone: 011 234 4275 and ask for Marius de Beer.
  • Email: Here or contact Marius directly on

The first step is arranging your consultation, which is free, to find out exactly what you need. You don’t have to come to us either – our team will come to you.