Intergate on ANN7 to Discuss Pressing Immigration Issues

South African Immigration IssuesRecently ANN7, a South African 24-hour news channel, decided to investigate corruption in the Department of Home Affairs. During their investigation, ANN7 managed to record an instance of corruption. This lead them to ask whether this was an isolated incident or a much deeper, more common problem.

To help ANN7 answer this question, the station invited Björn van Niekerk, one of Intergate’s senior immigration consultants, to weigh in on the matter.

Action must be taken

During the discussion on ANN7, Björn said that corruption has always been a problem within the Department of Home Affairs, but he also stated that the Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, has been outspoken about eradicating corruption and improving service delivery.

Björn added that Intergate hopes Minister Gigaba will be successful in his endeavours, but that we are also hesitant to pin our hopes on him. The immigration industry and South Africa as a whole have heard similar promises before. Only time will tell whether the promises made are merely lip service or if action will indeed be taken to eradicate corruption.

As part of the discussion, ANN7 addressed xenophobia and the matter of refugees. Both these issues, as pointed out by Björn, are deeply complicated. All stakeholders in South Africa and other African countries must work together to find reasonable solutions. These solutions should consider South Africa’s best interest, while honouring the basic human rights of those in South Africa as refugees and asylum seekers. Unfortunately, xenophobia and refugees are only discussed when tragic incidents make the news.

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