Intergate supports The Children’s Hospital Trust

The Children's Hospital Trust
The Children’s Hospital Trust

The Intergate team has always recognised how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful country and how we as individuals are fortunate to live the lives we do. We are also painfully aware that we are amongst the fortunate ones and that many others do not enjoy all the benefits we do.

Many of our team take part in charitable and volunteer programs and each has a cause which is dear to their hearts. Every year at Intergate we invite our team to nominate a charity, for us as a company, to donate to.

This year it was our accountant,Tracey Creamer whose chosen charity was donated to, The Children’s Hospital Trust.

Ronnell Jordan, the Fundraising Relationship Manager, at The Children’s Hospital Trust explains where the donation will be used:

“This wonderful donation is being allocated towards the development of a 10 bed inpatient Paediatric Palliative Care Unit at the Sarah Fox Convalescent Children’s Hospital in Athlone, Cape Town where they will provide a comprehensive palliative care service to patients suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

By supporting this programme, you can give children their dignity, relieve their suffering, and assist families to care for their children at a child hospice unit or at home during this very emotional and difficult period.
Your continued support enables the Children’s Hospital Trust to impact on a child’s journey through the healthcare system by providing support to the broader healthcare system for children inside and outside the doors of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.”

We could not be more delighted to support their fantastic efforts and we echo Ronnells sentiments towards Tracey:

Dear Tracey

Thank you once again for this wonderful donation to the Children’s Hospital Trust in aid of the palliative care programme that we are funding at Sarah Fox. Please extend my sincerest gratitude to those who made the final decision to fund this programme through the Trust.
As the inspiration behind this gift, a special thanks to you for your dedication to this cause.

A big thanks to Tracey for nominating to us this most deserving cause and your own personal ongoing efforts for the Children’s Hospital Trust. You are an example to us all in what we can do to help others less fortunate.

More about the Children’s Hospital Trust

The Children’s Hospital Trust was founded in 1994 as the independent Fundraising Arm of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa when the Hospital was threatened with closure due to a lack of funding. Since its inception the Trust has supported the Hospital through upgrading its buildings, purchasing vital equipment and funding critical training and research programmes.

In 2011 the Children’s Hospital Trust expanded its funding reach to projects beyond the Hospital’s doors within the Western Cape which will greatly impact paediatric healthcare and indirectly impact patient outcomes and services to the Hospital.
The Trust is funded from an endowment, ensuring that 100% of all donations received are used towards the projects and programmes we fund. Not a cent is used for administration or operational expenses.

How you can help?
Please take the time to have a look at their website – it does not have to a monetary gift and can be one of your time. We know all contributions will be very greatly received and put to good use.