Jobs in South Africa

Jobs in South Africa
Jobs in South Africa

I’m not going to sugar coat it. South Africa has a huge unemployment rate.
The recent statistics are about 25% or around around 5.067 million people.
There are many South Africans without jobs.

However…There are currently as many as 829 800 unfilled jobs in South Africa for highly-skilled workers across a wide range of occupations in South Africa.

Adcorp warns that ‘South Africa’s skills shortage poses a significant limitation on the country’s long-term economic growth potential, with viable economic opportunities often rendered thereby unviable..”

Landing a job in South Africa can be quite difficult, but it is far from impossible, and in certain professions, dare I say it – relatively easy for those in the right professions.

So are there any jobs in South Africa?

Yes there are many jobs in South Africa, In terms of actual numbers broken down by occupation, the skills shortage among technicians is 432 100, among managers 216 200 and among professionals 178 400.

In sharp contrast, a total of 967 600 elementary workers are in excess of the nation’s needs, as are 247 400 domestic workers. And of course the chances of securing a job in South Africa that requires special skills are higher in certain areas for example: telecommunications, health care, e-commerce, tourism, finance, mining, security, and the cosmetic industry are promising areas.

Other South African jobs with a shortage of local labor are: chartered accountants, insurance professionals, auditors, and consultants. The IT sector offers on-the-job training programs to compensate the lack of skilled workers, and IT salaries are higher than average salaries.

This means there are considerable advantages to skilled foreigners entering the country,  such as expediting new projects and transferring skills into the local labour pool. Immigrants who are in a position to contribute to the broadening of South Africa’s economic base will be welcomed.

Applications by skilled workers for Jobs in South Africa for which there is a shortage in the country are encouraged , and the recent introduction of the Critical Skills list and Critical Skills work Visa signifies an acceptance of this from both industry, the department of labour and the Department of Home Affairs.

How the Critical Skills work Visa assists you in finding a job

The Critical Skills Visa for South Africa has been implemented to address this shortage of required skilled professionals to work in South Africa. This Visa has replaced the old Quota Work Permit and Exceptional Skills Permit.

In conjunction with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Labour, the Department of Home Affairs has released the new shortage occupation list. This shortage list publishes certain professions that are recognized by the various government departments as being in need of foreign professionals due to a lack of local suitable applicants.

In the past prospective employers were perhaps put off by applicants who did not hold a valid work visa and this was a major stumbling block in attracting much needed talent to South Africa.

So the new Immigration regulations in Many 2014 have bought good news for applicants and employers who are finding it hard to source talent locally.

Some benefits of the new Critical skills permit are:

  • The spouse and dependent children will each be provided with an appropriate visa, provided that they do not exceed the validity of the main holder’s Visa.
  • An offer of employment is no longer a necessary requirement.
  • It allows the holder 12 months in which to confirm employment in South Africa within the listed categories.
  • There is no limit as to how many Visas may be issued per category, unlike the previous Quota Visa.

How has the new Critical Skills Visa helped those seeking jobs in South Africa?

  • Employers ensuring the correct working conditions and opportunities to attract foreign talent.
  • Government creating a Work Visa environment that is transparent and aids the foreigners recruitment.
  • By publishing a well considered list immigrants can readily see if they qualify for a skilled Job in South Africa.

Securing a job in South Africa as a foreigner can present challenges yet it is far less onerous than previously and South Africa welcomes immigrants who make a contribution to the economy and the new process of the securing a South African Work Visa shows the governments commitment to that.

In conclusion, I could tell you that by working in South Africa you will live to be overwhelmed by the exquisite beauty of this land and her people, a place of stark paradoxes, and contrast. Cities and people that pulsate with ancestral rhythm but that welcome immigrants to live amongst us. But what I will tell you, is that you will be working in one of the world’s youngest and most vibrant democracies; helping transform South Africa into a true 21st Century success story, and that will make a huge difference in lives of many South Africans.

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