Meet our Business Plan Writer: Caroline van den Heever

Caroline van den HeeverWhen you apply for South African business visa, you have to include a business plan.

Many applicants have made the mistake of thinking ‘it’s just another business plan’, but it’s not. Your business plan can determine the outcome of your visa application.

This is why we partner with Caroline van den Heever, a professional business plan writer.

Caroline writes business plans for our business visa applicants, ensuring that the end product is exactly what the Department of Trade and Industry requires.

We thought it would be good to sit down with Caroline and ask her a couple of questions…

Q: Who is Caroline van den Heever?

I am an Irish woman who went to London and met a South African – an Afrikaans boy, hence the surname!

As someone who has had to go through the process of attaining Permanent Residency when we moved here permanently with our 3 children, I have great insight and empathy for those who apply for a visa. It can be a long process but Intergate Immigration is with you all the way!

Q: Please tell us more about the business visa application and where the business plan fits into the visa application process.

Any foreign client wanting to set up a business in South Africa must receive a Letter of Recommendation from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) before they can submit their application for a business visa to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

As Intergate’s business plan writer, I assist each client in writing and compiling the necessary information for the plan as per DTI requirements. Once the client receives his Letter of Recommendation he can then submit his application for the business visa.

Q: How does your process work?

The client completes two detailed questionnaires as starting point – one on financials and one on the business itself. I then use these two documents, as well as the client’s CV, to complete the business plan. I communicate with the client as I go along.

Q: What makes a good business plan?

When a client can show that they have necessary experience by providing realistic financials and show that their business benefits the South African economy by investing foreign sourced funds and by employing South Africans.

Q: Why is it important to have a good business plan?

No Letter of Recommendation from DTI sadly means no visa from DHA. A good business plan which covers all the areas of interest from the DTI’s perspective ensures that you have a better chance.

Q: Which industries are most successful?

The tourism industry has great success in particular foreigners who either are starting or taking over guesthouses or lodges. The manufacturing industry is also strong where the DTI can see new factories are opening and jobs provided for South Africans which in turn is good for the economy.

Q: Which areas in South Africa are most successful?

As mentioned above business plans that are written for tourism are particularly successful and in particular accommodation in the Kruger and the Karoo. Seemingly the DTI not keen on any more B & B’s in Camps bay!

Q: Which industries are deemed undesirable by DHA?

Security firms, as South Africa has more than enough of its own. Also anything in Exotic Entertainment as well as importing second hand vehicles into South Africa for export.

Need help with your business visa application?

If you’d like help with a business visa application, all you have to do is call or email us. Our experts will assess your eligibility and then explain the best way forward.

We’ll put you in touch with Caroline as and when it becomes necessary so that you can hand a sterling business plan to the Department of Trade and Industry.