Meet the Team: Natalie Samuels

Natalie SamuelsThis month we took some time out to chat to Natalie Samuels, one of our newest team members.

Natalie previously travelled the globe as an air hostess, a role that prepared her well for dealing with people from all across the world. Working as a client manager at Intergate, where she could continue using the people skills she learned, was a natural progression for Natalie.

In less than a year, Natalie has settled into her new role and has already turned many enquiries into happy clients.

Q: You have been with Intergate for 6 months now. How has the journey been so far?

A: It has definitely been an exciting journey thus far, in a brand new industry, and there has not been a day where I did not learn something new.

Q: What made you choose immigration?

A: With my previous work experience as an air hostess with an international airline, I worked with people from all walks of life and different nationalities, and I was meeting new people on every flight. I believe that being in aviation prepared me for this role. I also insisted on doing something that I enjoy and also to continue meeting new people all the time.

Q: What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned about immigration?

A: It is more complex and time consuming than people think it is.

Q: What is the most common misconception people have about immigrating to South Africa?

A: That we still live in wooden huts, have monkeys as pets, and that lions roam the streets.

Q: If anyone asks you why they should move to South Africa, what would you say?

A: I have personally seen almost all four corners of the globe and I can honestly say that South Africa is a place of diverse people and a fantastic mixture of cultures.

South Africa IS one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world.

Q: What is the one truly South African thing everyone should try at least once?

A: There is a list of experiences and food to try. However, I don’t think that going to a township party or shebeen could be experienced anywhere else. Also, mopane worms are strangely delicious!

Q: How can anyone interested in immigration to South Africa contact you?

A: You are welcome to contact me using either or +27 (21) 424 2460 (extension 2002).

Fast FactsFast Facts:

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun, Fabulous, and Quirky

Your favourite quote: Life is short, smile while you still have teeth. 😉

Your hero: Sounds cliché but my hero is my Mom. Why? I have never met anyone as strong, tenacious and as determined as she is.

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