A month of confusion continues!

A month of confusion continues!
A month of confusion continues!

As most of you will be aware the new Immigration regulations (draft) were published during February.

Whilst some aspects of the draft regulations are to be welcomed, as expected many parties, including ourselves, have made representation about what we considered to be the aspects that needed re-looking at and / or required clarification.

We further strengthened our efforts with various interviews, press releases and sought legal council to ensure ours, and our clients voices, were and continue to be heard. This includes a debate on radio with the Minister of Home Affairs herself which you can listen to on our podcast.

At time of going to press (1st April 2014), the intended date of the new regulations for implementation, we have neither seen such amendments, no clarifications, nor any release to officially say the implementation date has been postponed.

So where are we?

Well officially we still operate under the old rules until told otherwise, but in reality this is not possible nor plausible. The Department Of Home Affairs has a history of immediate implementation with no notice, what we mean by this is literally 24 hours notice.

Therefore practically those who are seeking advice, in particular on the below, need to exercise great caution:

  • Life parter permits
  • Quota work permits
  • Exceptional skills work permits

Any new application that is just being compiled (or planning on being compiled) for these permits may well not be submitted in time. This is particularly the case with Quota work permits and Exceptional skills work permits where third party information is needed and can often take weeks to obtain.

The message is a short one for all potential immigrants within these categories; be very very careful about committing any money or plans for an application, it may well end in disappointment. We have already received many calls and mails from individuals and companies who have been on the receiving end of some bad advice.

We will continue to ensure we are up to date with all the latest developments and in turn ensure we keep you informed.