Repatriation deposits- an update and reminder to submit your claims!

South African Repatriation deposit reclaim deadline
Reclaim your repatriation deposits before the cut off

Repatriation deposit reclaim count down

With a little over 2 months before the cut off date to claim your South African repatriation deposit, those whom are legible need to snap to it, or risk forfeiture!

Here’s the update:

Its been a murky few months regarding the facts and qualifications for reclamation of repatriation deposits South Africa. These funds are reassurance for the Republic that a foreigner can always return to their country of origin, and not at South Africa’s expense.

Gazette 38098 Repatriation states:

“In light of the provisions of regulation 7(8)(d) of the Immigration Regulations, the Director-General encourages any immigrant/foreigner who, prior to the implementation of the Immigration Amendment Act, 2011 on 26 May 2014, to submit a claim to recover these funds before the cut off day 28 Feb 2015”.

So what of this catch 22 thing?

When the news of the deadline to reclaim repatriation deposits first broke, those who had paid theirs and industry heads alike were baffled by the seemingly unfeasible scenario by where the applicant would need to travel to their country of origin to claim back the deposit they had lodged with their application to enter South Africa.

This scenario implied the foreigner would inevitably spend the equivalent if not more on their travel expenses back to their country of origin to submit these claims. An obvious loss. As it turns out, according to the update released by the Department of Home Affairs last week,  no traveling is required when claiming your repatriation deposit. It can be translated from the update that an immigrant receives the refunded deposit when they either claim it back as a permanent resident of SA, once they have successfully changed their original status within the country, or when their Visa/Permit expires and the foreigner has left the Republic.

The 28 February deadline therefore applies to those foreigners who have been granted permanent residence or have had their status changed whilst in the country.(or are in the process of doing so). A point to note here; all those eligible to apply for a refund in terms of Gazette No. 38098 must apply by 28 February 2014

Who may claim their repatriation deposit? 

  • Foreigners that have returned to their country of origin- may collect your deposit at the mission or South African Embassy at which you lodged the deposit, the deadline not applicable.
  • Those who have been granted permanent residence in South Africa-are eligible and need to submit their claims before the deadline or risk losing it.
  • Those who have had their status changed whilst in the country, for example a foreigner who entered on a Visitors Visa and subsequently changed to a Study/Work/Own business Visa/Permit- can claim within South Africa and the cut off date applies to you.
  • Foreign students-claim when their Permits expire at the end of their studies, or when/if they are granted a Critical Skills, Work or other Visa, and of course if they are granted a permanent residence Visa.
  • Retirees- you claim yours back once your permit expires from your own country or after you apply and receive permanent residence in South Africa.

Provided the above applicants meets the requirements set up in the directive.

What to bring to the party when making your claim?

Here is the list of necessary documents:

  • Completion of Form
  • Passport (not a copy)
  • Original receipt of the deposit
  • Banking details / warrant vouchers (cheques)
  • Reason why a client must be refunded
  • Proof of final departure from the Republic of South Africa on or before the expiry of the temporary residence permit for which a condition of a deposit was attached, or proof of permanent residence permit.

In summary

At this stage, the deadline applies to those who have received or are applying for permanent residence, or those foreigners that lodged a deposit on a Visitors Visa and then changed their status.

In a nutshell, if you lodged your repatriation deposit here- you have until 28 February 2015 to claim it back within South Africa.Others can claim their refunds once their Visa has expired and have left South Africa.

You can contact Intergate here for questions regarding your immigration.


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