Simon says South Africa is sensational

South Africa Immigration
South Africa Immigration

“Why did your parents want to live in South Africa, when they could live anywhere in the world?” , this is the question I have asked Simon many times since our friendship began over five years ago. Each time he replies with the same answer “my parents love it here and are looking forward to a wonderful retirement, plus they love the scenery”.

Simon and his family emigrated from Europe when Simon was in High School. They had a good life in Durban and they then moved to Cape Town. Simon’s parents bought a beautiful home in Cape Town, in one of the greenest areas that exists. Since they have been here, they have opened up a few successful businesses in different industries.

Simon’s dad enjoys bird watching as a passion, and he is often out and about in nature with his binoculars, spotting the various unique and exotic birds of South Africa. His mother is an animal lover who rescued two beautiful dogs from one of the many local animal rescue non profits, and every day she takes her dogs to the nearby duck pond for long walks.

When Simon is not managing his parents businesses, he is working at his sisters business, who also immigrated to Cape Town the same time that his parents did. His sister met a wonderful man and she just had her first beautiful child.

Simon’s entire family fell completely and hopelessly in love with South Africa and the many opportunities which it offers. Besides their successful businesses, they enjoy regular excursions to their holiday home a few hours away in the country. They also frequent different camping spots around South Africa.

They truly are making the most of the South African experience. I am completely in awe of their beautiful home, which is decorated with framed pictures of the animals they have spotted on the many safaris they have been on.

Simon is on the verge of taking over the family business while his parents retire in sunny South Africa. They plan to travel often and to enjoy all the scenery and activities that the country has to offer.

They are truly living the South African dream and for many people who immigrate to South Africa, this dream can become a reality. Simon and his family is just one example of an immigration success story. We can be envious of Simon’s parents who will enjoy an early and fruitful retirement at the end of this year.

If you or somebody that you know is contemplating retiring to South Africa, or immigrating, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Integrate Immigration has been helping many Simons and their families , with all their immigration needs and have experienced firsthand some amazing success stories that have brought tears to many of our eyes.

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