South Africa New Immigration Laws 2014

South Africa New Immigration Laws 2014
South Africa New Immigration Laws 2014

The Department of Home Affairs remains conspicuous by its silence as the immigration industry and potential migrants wait with bated breath for an update on the proposed regulation changes.

Whilst we can commend them for what we perceive to be reviewing the feedback they received, from their call for public comment, the lack of communication thereafter is having a significant impact on South Africa’s appeal as a destination.

As we have previously published; the changing of the rules, significantly the introduction of a new work permit, the withdrawal of two others and qualifying criteria amendments to the life partner permit; are putting individuals and businesses in a very compromising position.

It makes planning impossible to do as any day the new regulations could be implemented. This means these permit types can not be advised on, or decisions made pertaining to them, with any degree of certainty.

In between South Africa struggles to compete in the attraction of much needed skills at great cost to our economy.

How reassuring it would be, as well as professional, to see some sort of announcement as to time frames?

Whilst we wait, we continue to advocate caution to those seeking work permits and life partner permits -make sure you are fully in the picture before making life changing decisions.

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