South Africa sees a steady influx of Pensioners

Retire in South Africa
Retire in South Africa

Pensioners, especially from southern Europe who are seeing their pensions and other benefits erode as a result of austerity measures introduced by the European Union, are increasingly looking at South Africa as a resettlement destination.

There are many reasons South Africa is fast becoming one of the foremost retirement destinations:

  1. First of all the visa requirements are very fair. South Africa does not discriminate against age and the main criteria revolves around the ‘pensioner immigrant” being able to prove that they have an adequate and visible means of support – meaning they will not become a burden to the state.
  2. With South Africa containing a large proportion of immigrants amongst its population, new arrivals are normally welcomed with open arms. There are sizeable German, Dutch, English, American, Greek and Portuguese communities already in the country that provide a ready-made support system.
  3. With good exchange rates and the fact properties in South Africa have historically been priced well below their European counterparts, buying a ‘dream retirement home is very affordable. In addition South Africa has some exceptional retirement villages offering that extra care and support that may be required.
  4. South Africa’s medical aid regulations mean that no one can be turned down for medical aid, no matter their age (subject to a late joiner penalty and possible exclusions based on medical history). This means pensioners can secure access to some world class private medical treatment, not always readily available in their home countries as governments implement cut backs.
  5. And of course the climate and envied South African lifestyle

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