South Africa the 3rd most inclusive country in the world

South Africa has been named as the third most inclusive nation in the world in Ispos’s new Inclusivity Index.

The Index measures social acceptance on the basis of factors such as religion, immigration, sexual orientation and gender identity, criminal background, and political views.

The only nations that did better than South Africa were Canada, in the number one spot, and the United States, at number two.

People from all over the globe quizzed

More than 20 000 individuals from 27 countries world-wide were interviewed for the survey. Ipsos asked participants a series of questions to determine if a person was a ‘real’ national based on specific circumstances.

Here’s an example:

Let’s assume the participant was from Russia and the survey category was religion. The participant would then have to say if they think a person is or isn’t a real Russian if they are Buddhist.

Countries that came out tops

For ease of reference, Ipsos divided the rankings into Top Fifth, Upper Middle, Middle, Lower Middle and Bottom Fifth.

The five countries that did best in each category were:

  • Religious Inclusiveness: Canada, France, South Africa, United States, Australia
  • Immigration Inclusiveness: United States, Australia, Canada , Mexico, Chile
  • Second Generation Inclusiveness (referring to second generation immigrants and parents’ region of origin): Canada, Chile, South Africa , Australia, Argentina
  • LGBT Inclusiveness: France, Canada, Sweden, Chile, Belgium
  • Criminal Background Inclusiveness: Canada, South Africa, United States, Sweden, Spain
  • Extreme Political Views Inclusiveness: South Africa, United States, France, Canada, Poland

The overall inclusive index

The full list of countries and how each country ranked is below. Have a look at the PDF online for the complete survey and its findings.

Ipsos Overal Inclusiveness Index