South Africa Tourist Visa – New regulations

Tourist Visa South Africa
Tourist Visa South Africa

Many visitors spend the whole summer in South Africa and the whole summer on the Northern Hemisphere. We call them the “swallows”, as they follow the sun.

In the past most of them entered South Africa on a 3 month tourist visa and extended it for another 90 days. This process had become already more nerve wrecking as the tourist visa extensions did not always come trough in time and people got into trouble when departing at the airport.

With the new changes it will become more difficult, as in future a foreign national visiting for tourism or business for longer than 90 days must provide a Police Clearance certificate from all countries where he or she has lived for 12 months or more since age 18.

With this is mind we would recommend to look into other visa options like the retirement visa for South Africa. We have put together some information for you on this page