South African Provinces

South African Provinces
South African Provinces

We bet you that not all South Africans can name the nine provinces. In fact many people are unaware of the answers to basic questions which relate to the South African provinces.

If you are looking to immigrate to South Africa or if you already live in South Africa, it is going to be useful to learn more about the different South African provinces.

How many provinces are there in South Africa?

There are currently nine provinces in South Africa. However before 1994, South Africa only had four provinces.

What are the South African provinces?

These are the nine South African provinces as it currently stands today:

• Eastern Cape
• Free State
• Gauteng
• KwaZulu-Natal
• Limpopo
• Mpumalanga
• Northern Cape
• North West
• Western Cape

Which is the biggest province in South Africa?

In percentages: South Africa’s largest province is the Northern Cape (30.5%) and the smallest Gauteng (1.5%). It is interesting to note that even though Gauteng is the smallest province, it has the largest population.

Is the legislature in each province the same?

No, each individual province has its own legislature, premier and executive council. This is besides the many other unique attributes of each province. Many people will be able to tell you that each province is completely unique. No two provinces are the same.

Do people speak the same languages in each province?

Even though English is one of the main languages which are spoken in each province, there are variations in home languages between the provinces.

Which province makes the biggest contribution to the economy of South Africa?

Each province contributes in its own way to the economy of South Africa. Gauteng is the province which on a percentage level makes the biggest contribution to the economy of South Africa.

Which is the best province in South Africa to live in?

There is no best province in South Africa to live in. This is a very subjective question. The answer depends on each person’s individual needs, requirements and circumstances. Different people prefer different provinces.

You will only discover what it is like in a particular province by actually living there. Experiencing a holiday in a province is never the same as living there. It is very common for people who have lived in South Africa their entire lives to move from one province to another.

I want to live in South Africa

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