South Africa’s Most Expensive Provinces

south africaQuality of life is important to all of us. It becomes even more important when moving to a new country. You don’t want to be worse off than in your home country. You’d want to either sustain your quality of life or better it.

In South Africa, as everywhere else in the world, quality of life is heavily influenced by the cost of living. The more you get for your money, the better you’ll consider your quality of life to be.

The South African situation

You’ll find that how much you get for your money, ranges from province to province in South Africa and even from one city to the next. The only way to determine where you’ll have the quality of life you desire, is by researching all the provinces in South Africa.

We recently did just that when asked by Hippo for input on an article on South Africa’s most expensive provinces. It came as no surprise to us that South African consumers spend a significant portion of their household budgets on food, fuel and electricity. These three areas have all seen significant price increases in the past couple of years.

Hippo also talked to experts in the food and beverage industry to get a feel for how much luxuries cost South Africans. Most people associate being able to go out for a meal or a movie, or both, as indicators of a high quality of life.

To discover which province in South Africa comes out tops, we highly recommend that you read the article. It makes for an interesting read and you’ll definitely be much more informed on the quality of life you can expect to have once you move to South Africa.

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