Study Without an Endorsement on These Visas…

temporary resident south africa studyIt used to be that part-time studies was allowed for general work visas, critical skills visas, intra-company transfer work visas and business visas – with an endorsement. Without the endorsement, the temporary resident could not take up studies.

The Department of Home Affairs decided to give the holders of the listed visas more freedom in 2015. As of May of this year, an endorsement for part-time studies is no longer needed. Temporary residents in South Africa on a general work visa, critical skills visa, intra-company transfer work visa or business visa are free to take up studies.

Important to note

There might be more freedom, but it does not come without requirements. To comply with the new legislation, temporary residents on the visas as listed must ensure the following:

  • The studies must be part-time. Studying full-time is not allowed.
  • They must in possession of a valid temporary residency visa.
  • The duration of the course or qualification must not exceed the period of validity of the visa.
  • The Institution of Higher Learning at which the temporary resident decide to study must be registered with the Department of Higher Education.

Responsibilities of the learning institution

All Institutions of Higher Learning that take in temporary residents as part-time students will be required to keep a register of these students. Registers must be made available to the inspectorate of the Department of Home Affairs for inspection whenever required.

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