South Africa Changes to the Immigration Act

Important notice – Changes to the Immigration Act

The new immigration act amendments took a big step nearer completion this week as the ruling African National Congress was forced to use its majority muscle to push the Immigration Amendment Bill through the National Assembly.

Whilst we must point out this has not yet been signed into law our continued viewpoint is that despite severe opposition it will be in the very near future. As demonstrated in the latest presentation of the proposal the minister seems determined to see these changes become law. Read more South Africa Changes to the Immigration Act

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Changes in South African Immigration Law


As you will be aware the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is in the process of reviewing its rules and regulations and part of this is around the issuing of temporary residence permits as well as business and exceptional skills permits in particular – both temporary and permanent applications.

We last night received a copy of the latest proposed amendments. These changes might well effect you so please ensure you read the below and if you have been so already, contact your Intergate sales manager to urgently discuss your situation. Read more Changes in South African Immigration Law

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