How to make a work visa application for South Africa

work visa application south africa

Three basic aspects should be considered when making a work visa application for South Africa:

  • Where you should apply;
  • Which work visa to apply for; and
  • Whether or not to enlist the services of experts to assist you with the work visa process.

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Jobs in South Africa

Jobs in South Africa
Jobs in South Africa

I’m not going to sugar coat it. South Africa has a huge unemployment rate.
The recent statistics are about 25% or around around 5.067 million people.
There are many South Africans without jobs.

However…There are currently as many as 829 800 unfilled jobs in South Africa for highly-skilled workers across a wide range of occupations in South Africa.

Adcorp warns that ‘South Africa’s skills shortage poses a significant limitation on the country’s long-term economic growth potential, with viable economic opportunities often rendered thereby unviable..”

Landing a job in South Africa can be quite difficult, but it is far from impossible, and in certain professions, dare I say it – relatively easy for those in the right professions.

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South African Intra Company Work Visa Update

Intra Company Work Visa Update
Intra Company Work Visa Update

There has been much confusion over the Intra company transfers since the new regulations were implemented in May 2014, in particular the ability of applicants who were previously issued 2 year intra company work visas and the new regulations allowing for a 4 year application.

Below we look at the salient points of the Intra Company Work Visa

Crucial elements to note for new Intra Company Work Visa applications

1. An application can only be made where the person being transferred to South Africa has been employed by the foreign company for a period equalling at least 6 months.
2. The validation of the relationship between the foreign company and the company in South Africa is paramount – it strictly needs to be a branch, subsidiary or affiliate relationship.
3. The employee who is being transferred to the South African branch, subsidiary or affiliate must undertake the transfer of skills to a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident.
4. Intra company transfers may not be renewed, they are viewed as fulfilling a temporary need.
5. While the newest Immigration Regulations support that Intra Company Transfer, as a Section 19 work permit, may be considered towards permanent residence internal debate between stakeholders and the Department of Home Affairs have been noted which may result in a review of this Regulation. Read more South African Intra Company Work Visa Update

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