Life Partners stopped from working?


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Life partners stopped from working?

 Are Life Partners stopped from working under the new immigration regulations?

Much has been done in the last few weeks to clarify certain aspects of the new immigration rules. This unfortunately does not however mean we are now operating in an environment where everything is fair.

Many life partners are now in a very unclear position as to whether they are able to endorse their existing life partner visa’s to enable them to work, or whether they as life partners, have now been stopped from working by the new regulations.

The subject of life partners has been one that has garnered much discussion with views ranging widely.  Read more Life Partners stopped from working?

Working in South Africa

South Africa, whilst having a high unemployment rate (circa 25%), also has a large skill shortage in certain professions. Employers continually struggle to find the right candidates for certain roles and turn their attentions to recruiting abroad.

What work visa options exist?

South Africa offers a number of different work visas for prospective immigrants but all come from a philosophy of recruiting in skills that add to the South African economy but not at the expense of the South African worker. In essence offering suitable protection to citizens that job opportunities they could fulfil were not taken by foreign workers. Read more Working in South Africa