The Cheapest Cars to Maintain in South Africa

cheapest cars to maintain in south africaSo, you’ve just made the big move to South Africa, and as you begin to build your life here, the next step to consider is buying a car.

The freedom to move around easily is one of the important parts of settling into a foreign country.

But, as with any freedom, there are responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, and when comes to owning a car, these duties present themselves as car insurance, maintenance and repairs., the insurance comparison website, recently ran an article on their blog that looks at the cheapest cars to insure in South Africa.

With that in mind, we’ve written a follow up article that explores the cheapest cars to service and repair locally.1

After all, we know that relocating could initially leave you with a tighter budget. Knowing which car will suit your financial situation will help you curb any maintenance woes in the long run.

Datsun Go

The Datsun Go was named the most affordable car for maintenance for the second year in a row.

In 2015, it was also the top-selling vehicle for the competitive A-segment in the critical dealer channel, with a total sales figure of 5 972 units.

According to this year’s McKinsey Report, the overall parts basket cost for the Go is R43,193. This price bracket comprises service costs, repair parts, and crash parts – which the Go is a front-runner of.

The selling price for a brand new Go starts at R106,900.

Renault Sandero

When it comes to the best super mini for parts, the Renault Sandero reigns supreme.

At a selling price of R163,000, the Sandero’s parts basket is one of the most competitive in this segment, coming at a total cost of R83,783 in 2016.

When regular maintenance tasks need to be carried out, the Sandero’s service parts will require an overall amount of R3,016.

In the crash parts portion, the Sandero only clocks in at R61,631, second behind the Peugeot 208 with R58,781.

Toyota Quest & Prestige cheap cars to maintain in south africa

These two members of the Toyota family are your best bet if you’re looking for affordable replacement parts for family hatches and sedans.

Although the Prestige is more expensive at R276,150, you can expect to fork out R199,400 for the Quest.

Both cars, however, headline the overall parts basket for family favourite vehicles ahead of strong contenders such as the VW Golf 7 and Mazda 3.

To repair and maintain the Quest will set you back a total amount of R72,659 while the Prestige comes in at R76,267.

These two models also lead the crash parts segment at R50,168 for the Quest and R54,744 for the Prestige.

Toyota Avanza

In the Compact Crossover section, the Toyota Avanza has the top spot regarding the replacement pairs.
Compact Crossovers normally sell for around R250,000 but a brand new Avanza has a price tag of R232,900 attached.

Its total parts basket price is one of the most affordable in this category at R90,060, dethroned only by the Citroen Cactus at R87,422.

The Avanza’s servicing costs can be as low as R4,072, while its repair cost is the most affordable in this category at R13,146.

Concluding remarks

When researching quotes for replacement parts, it’s important to have the VIN number of your vehicle at hand (this is located at the left bottom corner of the windscreen) in order to get the right parts for your vehicle’s model.