The world’s most attractive employers – right here in South Africa

most attractive employersEach year, Universum unveils the list of the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE). The latest list features a number of the biggest names and brands in the world.

Some of these companies also have offices right here, in South Africa. Imagine that! You can work for some of the world’s most desirable employers in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Where do we find the World’s Most Attractive Employers in South Africa?

Universum surveyed nearly 300,000 business and engineering/IT students in the world’s 12 largest economies for their WMAE. Students were quizzed on company characteristics they found most attractive as well as who they perceive as their ideal employer.

The result of the survey are two top 10 lists, one for the engineering/IT industries, the other for the business sector. Nearly all 20 companies have head offices in South Africa, while some have 10 or more offices across South Africa.

Let’s see where you’ll find these companies:


Both Google and Microsoft, two tech giants, have offices in Johannesburg. Other major players in the tech industry with offices in Johannesburg are Siemens, Samsung, Sony and Intel. Intel has a sales and support centre only, while the Sony head office ensures all outlets are well supported and maintain Sony’s high standards.

Moving away from tech to financial services and the beauty industry respectively, Goldman Sachs and the L’Oreal Group also have offices in Johannesburg. Goldman Sachs is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. L’Oreal is a world leader in makeup, cosmetics, haircare and perfume.

Multiple locations across South Africa

The big names you’ll find across South Africa are EY (Ernst & Young), PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Deloitte, IBM, KPMG and JP Morgan.

J.P Morgan, an American multinational investment bank and financial services company, has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. EY has offices in 9 cities and town across South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, East London and Stellenbosch.

Deloitte and KPMG have 11 and 13 offices in South Africa respectively. Deloitte’s head office is in Johannesburg, but it also has offices in, among others, Durban and Cape Town. KPMG is represented in just about every province with offices in big cities like Cape Town as well as smaller cities and towns such as East London and Secunda.

With 20 offices around the country, PwC has the most South African offices of all the companies on Universum’s WMAE.

Becoming an employee of a WMAE company

Your best bet if you’d like to work in South Africa for any of the WMAE, is to keep an eye on the company career pages. Don’t forget – as a foreign national, you’ll must have a work visa to work in South Africa. This is the bit we can help you with.

It’s also the bit we urge you to start sooner rather than later. Some South African work visas can take up to 12 months to finalise. Don’t jeopardize your dreams simply because you waited too long to contact us!