This is where you’ll find jobs in South Africa…

Most foreign nationals are drawn to South Africa’s big cities, but are there also job opportunities elsewhere worth pursuing?

There is indeed, according to Adzuna. This job search engine recently released their latest research into the best cities in South Africa to find a job.

The best cities to find a job

Johannesburg offers job seekers the most opportunities, as can be expected. At the end of September 2019, more than 16,000 positions were advertised in the City of Gold.

Cape Town comes in at a close second, with just over 12,000 jobs advertised, while Pretoria lands itself the third spot.

The bottom three cities on the list are East London, Bloemfontein and Pietermaritzburg. You might have to look a little longer for your dream job in these cities, but there are still opportunities available if you’re in the right occupation.

CityNumber of Jobs on Offer
Cape Town12,062
East Rand2,442
Port Elizabeth1,323
East London710

These are the sectors hiring right now

The top three sectors in South Africa are engineering, IT, and finance. According to Adzuna, ‘strong demand for a limited supply of skilled professionals in IT and engineering reflects in the salaries of these roles too, with the average salaries for these jobs being three times as much as the average national salary per year’.

Here’s how industries are hiring in each city:

CityHighest Demand JobsLowest Demand Jobs
JohannesburgIT, Finance, EngineeringHealthcare, Retail, HR
Cape TownIT, Accounting, EngineeringLogistics, Customer Service, Manufacturing
PretoriaFinance, IT, AdminCustomer Service, Healthcare, Logistics
DurbanEngineering, Accounting, AdminConstruction, Manufacturing, Retail
East RandFinance, Admin, SalesConstruction, Retail, IT

Here’s how to find out if you’re eligible to work in South Africa…

As a foreign national, you must have a valid work visa to take up employment in South Africa. Our advice is thus to do an immigration eligibility assessment before sending in that job application.

You can take our immigration assessment here – and it’s totally free! Once you’ve completed it, one of our immigration consultants will contact you to discuss your eligibility and the way forward.