Tips For Migrating To South Africa

Tips For Migrating To South Africa
Tips For Migrating To South Africa

South Africa is a stunning country filled with natural beauty, history and diversity. Migrating to South Africa in search of a better life may be an ideal option for you. Many people have chosen South Africa as their country of choice and are now enjoying happy and successful lives in the country.

Today we wanted to share with you some helpful tips for migrating to South Africa.

Which city should I live in?

When it comes to migrating to South Africa, one of the most useful tips we can give you is to find a city that suits your lifestyle and budget. This will assist you in being able to meet like-minded people and to settle in with minimum amounts of stress.

Obviously your employment situation needs to take priority too. If you already have a job offer or have an idea of where you would like to work, then it would be best to prioritise your life around that first. The good news is that within every city there are many different areas to choose from. For example in Cape Town you can choose to live near the mountain or beaches or in the city.

Which school will be right for my children?

One of the biggest concerns about migrating to South Africa with children is their education. However you may find comfort in the knowledge that there are many different schools in South Africa to choose from.

We strongly suggest exploring the following:

  • The learning environment.
  • The atmosphere of the school.
  • The fit between your child and the school.
  • The morals and values of the school.
  • The pass rates and academic standards.
  • The subjects offered and the curriculum followed.
  • The range of extracurricular activities.

This should help you to gain insight into which schools may be best suited for your children. We further suggest that you take a look at the Directory Of South African Schools.

The cost of living in South Africa

Another one of the big concerns about migrating to South Africa is the costs involved. The good news is that South Africa is actually a very affordable country to live in. The exchange rate in South Africa makes it a really good choice for international families.

Take the following into account when looking at the costs of living in South Africa:

  • Where you want to live.
  • The salary which you will earn.
  • Some cities pay more than others.
  • Some cities are cheaper than others.
  • Your individual lifestyle requirements.
  • The size of your family.
  • The expenses you may have.

South Africa is relatively cheap in comparison to many other western countries. Should you wish to gain more insight into the individual costs of particular items and compare it to other cities we suggest that you take a look here.

How do I go about migrating to South Africa?

The very first step in the process of migrating to South Africa, would be to take an assessment in order to see if qualify. Fortunately we offer free immigration assessments. All that is required is for you to click here to proceed.

Once you have completed the form, one of our experienced client managers will proceed to contact you within a 24hr period.

I have questions about South African immigration

If you have any questions, or need help with any of your immigration needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our helpful immigration consultants will be able to assist you further.

You can reach us at +27 (0) 21 424 2460 or request a call back for us to contact you instead. It is as simple as that.