Tips for visiting The Department Of Home Affairs

Tips for visiting The Department Of Home Affairs
Tips for visiting The Department Of Home Affairs

Visiting The Department Of Home Affairs does not have to be a dreaded event. Learning some valuable tips for visiting The Department Of Home Affairs, can help to improve your experience.

In fact, knowing just a couple of tips can help to ensure that your visit goes smoothly and that you have a pleasant overall experience. We will be sharing some of these extremely valuable tips with you.

Top tips for visiting The Department Of Home Affairs

• Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes.
• Wear clothes that are comfortable.
• Take a big bottle of water with you.
• Take the correct amount of money.
• Make sure that you have all your paperwork.
• Remember to stay calm at all times.
• Make sure you are well rested and have eaten.
• Carry some snacks with you, just in case they are needed.
• Know your personal information if you have a new phone number or have moved, make sure you know this information off by heart. Alternatively right it down.

Do your research

One of the best ways to ensure that your visit to The Department Of Home Affairs goes smoothly is by doing your research:

Here are some things you should research before you go:

• Find out the quieter times to go.
• Find out which office near you is quicker and easier.
• Make sure that you research what paperwork you will need to bring as well as how much money you will be required to pay.
• Stay up to date and learn more about the specific requirements on the Department of Home Affairs website here.
• Consider staying up to date with the Department of Home Affairs on their Facebook and Twitter pages.
• Do not take their word for it sometimes the information on the website can be wrong.

Stay calm

Standing in queues can become frustrated. If it is a hot day and it feels like it is taking forever, the trick is to stay calm at all times. Remember that getting upset is not going to help you. Always be polite to staff and remember that if you are patient and co-operate the process will go much easier and quicker.

What will help you to stay calm is to go prepared. Do not leave anything up to chance and be prepared to wait. Make sure that you know exactly what you need to bring with you before you go. Carry your money and documents safely at all times.

One way to help you to stay calm is to go during quieter periods. Finding out what times are quieter and which office is quieter could help you to avoid the queues and busy periods.

Valuable tips that will save you energy, time and frustration:

• Be there early ahead of.
• Make sure you get a number. Security usually hands them out.
• Do not just stand in any queue find out where you need to be.
• Don’t bother taking ID  pictures with you; with the new system they are no longer needed.
• Always take your passport, ID and all your identification you have with you.
• Make copies of your paperwork and applications, just in case.
• Try to have two black pens on you at all times.
• If your ID book or card was lost or stolen obtain a stamped affidavit from a police station stating this and take it with you. You are required to take an affidavit with you even if your ID has been lost or misplaced.
• Be prepared to wait and don’t make any arrangements for later on that day, keep your time open as you can never predict how long it will take.

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