Travel Visas For South Africans

Travel Visas For South Africans
Travel Visas For South Africans

Regardless of whether you need a business, tourist or travel visa, we can help you. At Intergate Immigration we are here to help you with all your travel visa needs. When it comes to travel visas for South Africans, you have come to the right place. We can save you vast amounts of stress, hassles and anxiety.

Which visa do I require?

After picking your destination, you will then need to check if your passport is valid. You will also need to determine exactly which visa type you will need for your particular travelling purposes. It could be a business visa, tourist visa or even a transit visa.

Understanding the rules and regulations of each visa type, regardless of which visa will best be suited for your individual needs and requirements, can be extremely stressful. Instead of having to deal with the confusion and anxiety alone, allow us to help you.

Not only do we have high levels of success with travel visas for South Africans, but we also are highly experienced in dealing with visa applications to most countries worldwide.

How can Intergate Immigration help me with my travel visa needs?

What sets us apart is that we can help you with every step of the process. We will send you the necessary forms, collect them on your behalf, and help you complete all forms accurately regardless of whether they are online or hard copy. We can also assist you in booking your appointment at the embassy or Visa Application Centre (VAC), and we can also help with processing the payment for the visa fee.

How does the process work?

A dedicated visa administrator will assist you throughout the process, and will advise on the different requirements needed for a visa application. It will also be your administrator who will complete the application, book the appointment and subsequently coordinate submission of the application with you.

What is the process of applying for a travel visa?

Once Intergate has received the official mandate from you, your administrator will contact you with the complete list of requirements for your visa application. You will then be asked to provide the required documents, e.g. flight itinerary, among other things, to the Intergate Visa Administrator.

Your administrators will then complete the application on your behalf, book the necessary appointment and if you wish process the visa fee as well.

Submitting the application for visas for South Africans

With the increased security measures being implemented by the embassies and VACs, applicants are increasingly being asked to submit in person in order to provide biometric information, such as fingerprints and soon even eye scans.

At the moment we are advising on a case by case basis, as the requirements of the individual embassies and VAC differ. For more information kindly refer to the individual visa pages.

Getting help with your visa or permit application

We welcome the opportunity to consult with you as to your eligibility for a visa /permit and answer any questions you may have with no obligation. You can take our free one minute assessment here or request a call back for more information.