UK travel visas

Is Visa fee travel for South Africans coming back?

A recent press announcement, as below, updated us all on the Democratic Alliances ongoing campaign to bring back visa free travel for South Africans to the United Kingdom. Introduced in 2009 the requirement for a travel visa to the UK saw tens of thousands of South Africans face extra costs (R12,000 plus for a ten year visa) as well as inconvenience and time invested.

South Africans will for sure welcome any encouraging news in this regards as lets all hope for good news soon.

Herewith the press release

Last week I met with Jeremy Browne, Minister of State in the British Home Office, to motivate for the relaxation of visa requirements for South Africans travelling to the United Kingdom.

During a meeting at the Annual Conference of Liberal Democrats, Minister Browne agreed to look into the re-introduction of visa-free travel to the UK for South Africans in the interest of trade, investment and tourism. He has committed to working with the DA to move the issue forward.

The visa regime for South Africans was introduced in 2009 following security concerns related to our passports. Indications are that these issues are being resolved, justifying the reintroduction of visa-free travel.

The existing visa requirements impose a significant cost on South Africans travelling to the UK, both in terms of large visa fees (more than R12 000 for a ten year visa, and almost R900 just for a transit visa) and the time required for the application process and interview.

The DA will continue to work with senior government ministers from our sister party in the UK to ensure that visa-free travel is reintroduced for South Africans.

Tim Harris, Shadow Minister of Finance