What’s the future look like for South African immigration

What's the future look like for South African immigration
What’s the future look like for South African immigration

As with any regulation changes the press and industry insiders tend to focus on the negative elements.

That said, even the most skeptical can not believe that change was not due and needed.

It is worth remembering that the intent of our regulations is:

  • To attract highly skilled workers that are needed to fill skill shortage positions
  • To facilitate and encourage entrepreneurial investment
  • To create an environment that sees corporate investment and expansion into South Africa
  • That is already one of the most inviting of all countries in terms of its regulations for retirees and independent financial individuals

This again is backed up by one of, if not the, most admired constitutions in the world that protects the rights of individuals such as same sex couples, partners and spouses.

There is no doubt the issued gazette has areas that need addressing and amending, some may well end up in court cases. But there is an intent for improvements which we feel sure will pay dividends as long as these issues are addressed.

Public comment, the current stage, of the new immigration rules is designed exactly for that. To gain an insight into others thoughts and suggestions.

We await the outcome of this process, as well as for the clarification needed on other areas such as the new critical skills list, and remain hopeful that when finalised they will address the vast majority of peoples concerns.