Work Endorsements for Spousal and Life Partner Visas

living and working in south africaForeign spouses or life partners of South Africans must have an endorsement on their temporary visas for living and working in South Africa. Taking up a job without an endorsement could have a profound effect on the visa and the foreigner’s ability to stay in South Africa.

What is an endorsement?

In essence, a foreign spouse or life partner without an endorsement has the same rights and privileges as someone in South Africa on a tourist visa. An endorsement is an extension of the terms and conditions of a spousal and life partner visa. These extensions make it possible for the foreigner to do more than just enter and reside in South Africa.

The requirements for applying for an endorsement

To apply for an endorsement to work in South Africa, the foreign spouse or life partner must have a job offer. This job offer must be in the form of a valid contract of employment. The contract must be included in the application.

Unlike with some South African work visas, there is no need for the employer to prove that they could not recruit a South African. This is normally a major obstacle for foreigners looking for work in South Africa.

Other requirements of South African work visas also fall away. This makes living and working in South Africa much easier for spouses and life partners:

  • The foreign spouse or life partner does not have to demonstrate prescribed qualification levels or years of experience.
  • There is no restriction in terms what role the foreign spouse or life partner may take up.

Endorsements are specific

It is important to note that endorsements are specific to the employer on the application form. This means a new job requires a new endorsement. The good news is that there is no limit to the amount of times an endorsement can be applied for.

For more information on living and working in South Africa, speak to us

Intergate can provide guidance on preparing endorsement applications, so feel free to contact us for assistance. The same goes for any other questions around living and working in South Africa on a spousal or life partner visa. To get hold of us, request a free call back or contact either our Cape Town or Johannesburg office.

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