Buying a Guest House in Cape Town

If you are thinking of buying a Guest House in Cape Town, SA Homebuyers offers a comprehensive service that assists you in all aspects of buying a Guest House.

A Guest house represents a unique purchase; as buying a guest house normally means making one purchase that will be the family home and also the business. Finding the guest house only part of process – it is the whole setting up of a guest house that matters.

The process is further complicated with many Guest houses being offered for sale by estate agents who normally specialise in residential property. Buying a Cape Town guest house differs greatly from buying a Cape Town residential home.

Why not take advantage of our free consultation on buying a Guest House in Cape Town and benefit from advice on:

  • The correct location for buying a Guest House.
  • The impact of Guest House licences, ratings and marketing infrastructure.
  • Valuing the ‘order book’ of an existing Guest House.
  • Buying an existing Guest House as opposed to a start up Guest House.
  • Examples of South African guest houses for sale.
  • The additional costs, such as tax‘s and legal fees incurred when buying a Guest House.
  • Industry statistics such as tourism trends.
  • Guest house search service.
  • Due Diligence on existing Guest Houses for sale.
  • Full Cape Town Guest House consultants service.
  • Learn about our fee structure that means in 99% of cases you access our full buying a guest house service at NO COST.

You make such a substantial financial and emotional investment into buying a Guest House, why not see for yourself why so many prospective Guest House owners have chosen to use SA Homebuyers and never regretted it.

Buying a Guest House as a Foreigner

Many of our clients are people who have decided to immigrate to South Africa and seek a lifestyle change that owning a Guest House facilitates.

Our clients benefit from an holistic approach that encompasses:

  • Our services as per the above.
  • Analysis and advice of any immigration requirements
  • Formation of Business Plan – the business plan submitted with your own business visa application is a vital supporting document. It proves a number of things such as planned activities, manpower requirements, financial investment, entrepreneurship and business analysis. Home affairs review this business plan as part of deciding whether to grant your business visa or not.

As a foreign buyer, purchasing a Guest House in South Africa, you could not be in better hands.

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