Cape Town Guest House for Sale

Cape Town Guest House for SaleFor immigrants looking to commence a new life abroad and establish their own business, one of the options often considered is buying a guest house in South Africa.

The buying of a guest house under normal circumstances can be complex and somewhat daunting but when undertaking this exercise whilst immigrating to South Africa a different array of challenges are faced.

The INTERGATE Group prides itself on providing the most comprehensive service and expertise for immigrants looking to buy their own guest house in South Africa, combining the business support you need with the immigration requirements.

Free advice on buying a guest house in South Africa

Buying a guest house involves sourcing the correct location for a guest house, the correct property to convert or the right existing guest house. Issues such as guest house licences, ratings, marketing infrastructure and order book have to be considered.

With a booming guest house industry, South Africa can offer some great opportunities and our experts can assist you in deciding whether these opportunities are right for you.

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Our free immigration eligibility assessment

If you are an immigrant considering buying a guest house in South Africa the issue of required visas is a necessity. Prospective clients benefit from a free South African immigration eligibility assessment. This allows prospective immigrant to be guided as to whether their plans for buying a guest house and personal circumstances would facilitate the granting of a business visa.

As the largest independent immigration service in South Africa, our reputation has been built on our commitment to service. Each enquiry can be assured of a prompt, efficient and accurate response to your initial enquiry and eligibility status.

INTERGATE Immigration, as the largest independent immigration service in Southern Africa, provides you with a dedicated client manager who will deal with your enquiry, guide you through the process and advise on your eligibility. With us you’ll be treated as a client from day one.

What if my free immigration eligibility assessment comes back positive?

Intergate Immigration will appoint a specific administrator to compile your business visa application. Our in house experts will continue to assist you with the compiling of your own business visa application. Our immigration experts will also guide you through advising and preparing you for the below important items:

Company structure – what legal structure best suits your requirements in which to own and or run your guest house.

More about company structures here:

Business Plan – this represents an extremely important part of business visa application. The business plan helps to demonstrate and support your business visa application for running a guest house by detailing items such as planned activities, manpower requirements, financial investment, entrepreneurship and business analysis. Home Affairs review this business plan as part of deciding whether to grant your business visa or not.

In the event that a permanent residency application or an extension to your initial business visa is required this business plan is also referred back to by home affairs, therefore its importance cannot be over stated.

Each plan is individually written by our dedicated business plan writer, researched thoroughly and presented to support your application in the most professional way.

And the help does not stop there:

Our team of experts are also able to assist in the following fields:

  • Banking – for personal accounts and business accounts the immigrant normally faces a myriad of problems opening a bank account, Intergate Immigration Service will arrange it all for you.
  • Guesthouse and Bed and Breakfast licensingSA HomeBuyers offer a complete service that gets your guesthouse registered correctly with the minimum of hassle for the new owner. This not only ensures compliance with regulations and rules but increases the value of your business.
  • Research – not sure where to open your guesthouse when you immigrate to South Africa? Our research team will be happy to help.
  • Foreign ExchangeIntergate Immigration Service will point you in the right direction for the best rates, lowest charges and excellent service.

One of our relocation experts will endeavour to get back to you with 24 hours!!

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